Saturday, March 10, 2012


MOON (March 9 2012)

i used a newtonian telescope, AMCap and a CCD camera..

this is the latest video of the moon that i just record it last night.. :)) full moon to waning gibbous :)
i had a great experience last night, the full moon looks like a SUPER MOON sooo beautiful :"">

i used registax for stacking.. :)


MOON VIDEOGRAPH (March 2 2012)

i took this video in RTU, using dobsionian telescope, AMCap and CCD camera...

this videograph was taken last march 2 2012, i am really excited about astrophotography, but when we started taking videos and stack it in registax now i know the feeling of always on the screen of my laptop, my eyes are to tired for editing... but i had a great experience because its my FIRST TIME.. hahaha. someone really inspired me to practice astrophotography, actually sinasanay ko rin ang sarili ko in case na magkaroon ang ng professor sa astronomy eh! magpaastrophotography at least alam ko na ang aking gagawin hehehe.. :)

this is the first picture that i stack using registax and some videos..